About Laboratory Grown Diamonds

Laboratory Grown Diamonds are offered mainly in stunning colors native and natural to the growth process of the diamond crystal. They are not artificially colored, coated, irradiated etc. Their color is generated within them spontaneously as chemical and optical phenomena similar to the ones producing color in natural colored diamonds, namely, due to the minute presence of atoms of elements other than Carbon (e.g., spontaneously occurring Nitrogen atoms inherent to the crystallization process in nature as well, in the case of the color Yellow etc.).

For the most part laboratory grown diamonds are offered in stunning intense, vivid and deep yellow, at times with slight overtones (e.g., greenish), and in delightful Orange and warm Cognac color.

Those colors are graded (e.g., by the EGL) in an ascending order of pronouncement, saturation and intensity from "Faint" and "Light", through, "Fancy Light", Fancy", Fancy Dark", "Fancy Intense", "Fancy Deep" and "Fancy Vivid". A. D. Van Daaz® Laboratory Grown Diamonds are all at least of the "Fancy" denomination, and most often "Fancy Intense", "Fancy Deep", and "Fancy Vivid".

A. D. Van Daaz® Diamonds is now proud to offer some of the highest quality, most beautiful and largest laboratory grown diamonds in stunning colors that cannot but bedazzle the viewer. And, our supplying laboratory will custom make a diamond to your specifications too, a service found nowhere else!

Today, colored diamonds are all the rage on the world's leading catwalks and featured in the world's leading jewelry designers masterpieces.

By being privately manufactured and not supplied through a tightly controlled global and centralized distribution network, the prices of laboratory grown diamonds reflect a normal pricing pattern as based on costs of R&D, production and promotion, and are most advantageously positioned with respect to their counterparts that are extracted from nature.

You are offered the opportunity to showcase a stunning beauty that is a forefront fashion statement, at a great value and, let us not forget, no ethical dubiousness.

Welcome to the wonderful world of sparkling beauty of A. D. Van Daaz® Laboratory Grown Diamonds!

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