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A.D. Van-Daaz Diamonds has been an innovative diamond enterprise from the very debut of the Internet electronic commerce days, on-line since 1995, before, that is, the days of Yahoo and Amazon...* In fact, Van-Daaz Diamonds has been the Internet's very First ever dedicated loose diamond vending site that is still doing business based on those very same principles.

Being pioneers is also an obligation. Being in the forefront of a trade is also demanding. Revolutionizing a trade also creates expectations. Spearheading an evolution in a trade's business environment is also a responsibility.

Van-Daaz Diamonds is answering those calls again. Now focusing on the world's diamond trade's next evolutionary stage.

Laboratory Grown Diamonds.

Van-Daaz Diamonds is now proud to offer to the trade laboratory grown diamonds in an unmatched combination of colors, shapes, sizes and ordering flexibility.

All diamonds are of fancy colors, mainly in yellow, orange and cognac colors, and in the fancy, intense and vivid color concentration and of at lease VS clarity. We offer some of the world's largest laboratory grown diamonds, the upwards of 1.90 Carat in Round and in all fancy shapes, straight from one of the world's leading manmade diamond research and manufacturing facilities. You may custom-order your diamond from us in exact shape, cut, approximate weight and color and get your very own, customized diamond, fully graded, within 15 to 28 days, barring production load, grading and carrier's delays.

All our laboratory grown diamonds are shipped overnight and are duty-free between Canada and the USA under diamonds general exemption & Nafta.

The increase interest in colored diamonds, especially in trendy yellows in intense tones and fashionable cuts such as Asscher and Cushion, in sizes of 0.90 of a carat and above are anyone's guaranty of attention, advantageous pricing, and source of pride.

This site is aimed at retailers and members of the diamond trade. We encourage members of the public to pursue their laboratory grown diamond dreams, at substantially advantageous prices with respect to minded fancy colored diamonds, through a selected group of jewelers. You may find them at our "Order (Public)" Page.

Ask us about them.

*For those interested in archival and anecdotal details, you may visit the old, historic Van-Daaz site, but please notice that its "Diamond Search Engine" is no longer valid, neither in selection nor in prices. We have "frozen" the site for you and those interested in browsing it in the future, for years to come, for entertainment, curiosity and web-archaeology sake and buffs...
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