Van-Daaz® Diamonds Laboratory Grown Diamond* Aquisition Options
    Van-Daaz® offers to the trade a rare, convenient and unmatched mode of aquisition of laboratory grown diamonds.

    While our inventory of diamonds, available at hand for immediate purchase and shipment is limited due, in part, to the level of demand and the manufacturing capacity of the producing plants, we offer the unparalleled service of cusom made laboratory grown diamonds.

    You may currently order them in the color range of yellow, orange and cognac, in sizes between 0.90 Carat and 1.85 Carat and in all popular and some rare shapes. With an element of unpredictability inherent to the manufacturing process we can only guaranty the minimum level of color intensity (no less than "Fancy"), no less than VS Clarity, and approximate Carat size and measurements. Most of the ordered stones are of an unmititgated color description. (E.G., "Vivid Yellow") but some would result with a mild overtone (e.g., "Greenish Intense Yellow"). Your diamond will be shipped to you fully graded on average between 15 and 25 days from the placement of your order through a deposit (to be communicated to you in our response), barring unexpected production load, grading laboratory or carrier delays and/or statutory holiday delays etc.
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*Van-Daaz®'s Laboratory Grown Diamonds are all guarantied premium quality and high grading score creations of the Tairus Laboratories & Cutting Shops by special arrangements.

Legal Notes: All prices are subject to change without notice. In Custom Ordered Laboratory Grown diamonds there may occur slight size, weight and color overtone deviations that are unpredictable and are growth-batch related. Final price will be adjusted to weight deviation and/or other substantial differences from the ordered goods.

Those deviations, however, cannot constitute grounds for refund, cancellation etc. Van-Daaz® is a registered trademark and all rights for all material.

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