About Laboratory Grown Diamonds

Welcome to the stunning world of A. D. Van Daaz® irresistible Laboratory Grown Diamonds!

As a member of the diamond trade you have most likely heard already about this new chapter in the history of this unique product. You have read about it in trade magazines, publications and through the trade's grapevines...

As a member of the public, you have heard, anecdotally in news media stories that this marvel and apex of long drive by mankind to render this extraordinary of all crystals conquered onto man-made creation has been, indeed, finally made by man. For some of you, as you have deepened your search for ethical alternatives to diamonds that might be tainted by implication in bloody conflicts in Africa, you might have come across the laboratory grown diamond option through such a quest.

Still, you might all be intrigued and curious about the details, let alone essence if not truth of it.

Laboratory Grown Diamonds, also known as Laboratory Created and Manmade diamonds are exactly that: actual, true diamonds, identical, therefore, in EVERY respect, whether physical, chemical, optical or otherwise to mined diamonds.

Laboratory grown real diamonds are not stimulants, simulates or crystals that resemble or approximate in appearance and other properties diamonds, such as Cubic Zirconium ("CZ"), Spinel, Synthetic Rutile, Moissanite or the "Diamond Nexus Labs lab-created diamond simulants" often confused with real laboratory grown real diamonds. Laboratory Grown Diamonds are actual diamonds. They sport the same perfect 10 score on Moh's hardness scale, the same specific gravity, have the same light refraction qualities (Refractive index of 2.42 and Dispersion of 0.044). Most certainly, they consist of the same single element of Carbon, arranged in the same mighty tetrahedron crystal lattice based on the strongest crystal bonding known. Hence also the diamond's strength. After all--they must share all those properties, being, for all intents and purposes, the very same crystal, the very same gem. Once grown by nature, and once by man.

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