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We recommend that you read also about the advantages of buying your diamond loose and NOT set.

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All prices and availabilities are subject to change without notice

Hot tip: To increase the flexibility of your choice and to be able to discover unexpected values--define a slightly wider range of parameters than you first intended: one more grade of color or clarity, above or below your original preference, a few points larger or smaller weight range (we recommend +/- 0.09 Crt.)... After all-- you may miss a great diamond a sheere 2 Carat-points smaller, or, one that happened to be one color grade lower yet with one clarity grade higher etc.... Enjoy your exploration!
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Our Diamond Purchase Customization Form is a good idea if even our "Diamond Explorer" does not return the sought and hoped for diamond. This is true, in particular, for Very Large Diamonds (over 7 Carats). If in need--do not hesitate to try it...
All diamonds ordered from within the US are US sourced, handled & shipped. Payment is also within the US, in US Dollars. No customs or duties involved.
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No Sales Taxes apply ! (except for Canada); No extra duties & excise (except, again, in Canada--please inquire); All prices US Dollars denominated.
All shipments are "Next Day Air" category via Fed Ex , fully insured, subsequent to payment clearing, and you may track your shipment on line using your Fed Ex Waybill number (all and exact details are provided in our comprehensive correspondence).
Alphabetic legend to table-abbreviations: A: "AD" or "ADTNL" or a similar abbreviation="Additional" (in comments section), B: "B" or "BL"=Blue (in Fluorescence), "B" (in girdle make:) Bruted--The girdle is in diamond's natural state, unpolished; Common in urope."B" or "BR" (under Color column)=Brown, in fancy colors.C: "C" or "CH"=Champaign (under Color for Colored diamonds. A tone of Champaign-like yellow) "Cart"=Carat, "CLA"=Clarity, "Col"=Color, "CLDS" (or similar)=Cloud (in comments section), "catalog"=for our internal use, CA, or CRA= "Crown Angles" (in comments), "Cul"=Culet, D: "D"="Deep" or "Dark" (under Color in fancy colors), "Dep"=Depth "DMND DSS", "DSSR", "DOSSE" "DOSSIE" or a similar abbreviation=A new GIA grading report ("certificate") format, "the Diamond Dossier", which does not include detailed plotting of the blemishes but provides identifiability, instead, through grading-report-number inscription on the diamond's girdle, E: "EX" or, "X"=Excellent/exceptional (in Cut) or Extremely (in Girdle thickness), F: "F" or "FL" or "Flo"=Fluorescence; "F" in Cut=Fair; "F" as a fluorescence modifier=Faint (also "Fnt"), "F" in Girdle=Faceted, "FY", "FAY", "FBR", "FLY", "FAD" or other 2-3 letter combination under 'Color' in Colored Diamond Search=Fancy Color; Usually 'Y' stands for 'Yellow', 'D' or 'DA' for 'Dark', 'BR' for 'Brown, 'L' for 'Light' etc. Please ask when unclear, G: "G" or "GD"="Good" (in Cut), "G" or "GR"=Gray (under Color Column in fancy-colors) I: "ID" or, "I"=Ideal (in AGS reports; One grade above 'Excellent' and used only for strictly defined 'Ideal Cut' diamonds), I="Intense" when under "Color" (e.g., FYI="Fancy Yellow Intense"), "INS" or "INSCRT" or, "INSCRPTN" etc.=GIA certificate number laser-inscribed on girdle for extra security, K: "K"=Thick (in Girdle), L: "L"="Light" (under Color in Colored diamonds, as in FLY=Fancy Light Yellow, etc.), "Lab"=The grading laboratory, M: "M" or "MD" or "Med"=Medium (in Cut, Culet size, Fluorescence or Girdle-make), "Measures"=Measurements in millimeters of diameter (widest-narrowest in round), width-length (in fancy shapes) followed by total height of the diamond, N: "N" or "NO"= No (in Culet or Fluorescence); "N"=Thin (in Girdle), "NS", "N.S.", "N/S" or "N-S"=Not-Showing (in comments section), O: "O"="Orange" (under Color Column for fancy colors), P: "P"=Pointy (in Culet type); "P"=Pink (under Color in colored diamond) as in FOP (Fancy Orange Pink), FBP (Fancy Brownish Pink), FLP (Fancy Light Pink) etc., Poor (in Cut), "Pol"=Polish (--Polish/Symmetry="Cut"), "PP"=Pinpoints, S: "S"=Small (in Culet size) or Strong (in Fluorescence), "SL"=Slightly (in Girdle as in "SLTK"=Slightly Thick), "Sym"=Symmetry (--Polish/Symmetry="Cut"), T: "Tbl"=Table, "TK"=Thick (in Girdle), "TN" or, "THN"=Thin (in Girdle), V: "V"=Very (as in VG, VGD=Very Good, VS=Very Small Culet or Very Strong Fluorescence etc.), "Vivid" (under Color in Colored diamonds--the deepest, nicest rendition of a color), X: "X" (or, "Ex")=Extra in Girdle thicknes, or Excellent, Exceptional in Cut (Polish/Symmetry), Y: "Y" or "YEL"=Yellow (in Fluorescence), "Yellow" (in fancy colors column) © 1999-2002 Van-Daaz
Notice that our data-base is available to other dealers and the entire inventory is sold on a 'First Come-First Serve' basis. Therefore, if one of the diamonds on our lists is to your liking please let us know as soon as you can. Diamonds of good shopping value have very short 'shelf-life' span! In comparing prices you will find out that our diamond prices are most likely to offer you the best quality/price ratio on the 'Net'. As a discriminating diamond buyer you know that the easy promise to be the cheapest is really... of no value to you at all... Make a brilliant choice. Choose the best value for the price rather than the best price for no value. Shop your diamonds from Van-Daaz. Quality diamonds only are our business--we are one of the Web's first two diamond dealers in continuous service--on-line since 1995.
On rare occasions results retrieved by our "Diamond~Explorer" ™ may contain errors originating in material submitted electronically by importers and manufacturers. In particular, Van-Daaz will bear no liability to erroneously entered price information and will neither abide by nor proceed to conclude deals based on such errors. Notice, however, that data-base errors are most likely to be discovered prior to the conclusion of any purchase.

Accordingly: All prices and availabilities are subject to change without notice

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